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Todays Adventure by Twisted Goddess

If you go down to the woods today
If you go down to the woods today

Today I ventured out on a cold but sunny day. A walk in the woods was what was needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town and time to reflect on naughty thoughts I had been having about masturbating in amongst the trees. The footpath led to the middle of a small Forrest.

in the not to far distance I could hear a chain saw, dogs barking and the muffled sound of people. They were far enough away if i wanted to strip off and enjoy my guilty pleasure of outdoor exposure. I was alone in the woods, anything could happen! I felt a pang of dread but at the same time excited by the thought of being so vulnerable and being lost, I wanted to go deeper into the woods!

The wind was cold, the chill was making my nipples hard and they poked out from underneath my white cotton dress, the fabric rubbing against my nipples was turning me on! I wasn’t wearing any underwear and the breeze was blowing up my dress onto my already moist pussy. There is something about roaming lost, no knickers and feeling sexy in nature. I found a nice spot among the trees and rested on a fallen tree trunk, the smell of decomposing leaves and the earthy scent of moss, leave and just being
outside was overwhelmingly erotic and horny as hell! I open my legs my juices already flowing. glistening in the sun shining through the trees. I stared to rub my swollen clit and squeeze my hard nipples, I felt so naughty. I slipped my index and middle finger into my wet pussy, push my fingers in and out, moaning with sheer delight and getting off on how naughty it was!

I was getting carried away when i was alarmed by a twig snapping loudly, i looked up, at first I couldn’t see anyone, but then I could work out a figure behind some thick branches. I was scared, excited with fear and turned on for being caught. The person just stayed there, not moving, just watching! So.. I continued to thrust my fingers into my very wet pussy. As I fucked myself I started to gush, my juices running into the palm of my hand, as I removed my fingers to lick my sweet cum, I squirted over the ivy covered trunk i was sitting on. The fact I was being watched made my orgasm more thrilling and intense! Licking my fingers, slipping just one finger inside my cunt, I glanced up to see not only was i being watched by one person, but dotted around, I could make out at least three others! What a very very naughty girl I’ve been!!!

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